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What is Network Marketing?


Affiliate marketing is not the only way to make money online. Network Marketing is another popular alternative to affiliate marketing.

What is network marketing?

I mentioned earlier that Network Marketing is a popular alternative to Affiliate Marketing. So what is network marketing and why is it attractive to people looking to supplement their income?

Network Marketing is also known as Multi Level Marketing.

Now normally a manufacturer creates a product and sells that product through a distribution channel such as a retail shop.

The Network Marketing model is different. Rather than selling a product through it’s own distribution channel, a company can opt to allow a network of distributors to promote its product.

Why is Network Marketing often referred to as Multi Level Marketing?

The reason that Network Marketing is described as Multi Level Marketing is because you can receive payments on several levels. So how does that work?

Let’s assume that distributor A recruits distributor B. B then goes on to recruit Distributor C. Distributor A is at Level 1, distributor B is at level 2 and distributor C is at level 3.

If all three distributors go on to sell products then distributor A earns commissions on all three levels. He will earn commissions as a result of his own efforts and the sales made by distributors B and C.

The secret to succeeding with Network Marketing

Succeeding with Network Marketing requires two key components:


You need to continually sponsor or recruit other distributors who will expand your network for you.

In bygone days, you would have had to visit people in their homes but these days you can cross geographical boundaries at the click of a mouse without leaving your home.



Do this wrong and your business won’t make any progress.

You really want to be able to show your new recruits how to recruit people into the business.

If you do that then your business will grow rapidly.

What are the benefits of Network Marketing?

  • You decide how small or how big you wish to grow your business.
  • You are your own boss.
  • You are the architect of your own destiny. Network Marketing can lead to financial independence.
  • Very low start up costs
  • Very little knowledge is required to get started

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Dominate ClickBank With CBProAds

Are you looking for a way to start earning money from the Internet? ClickBank is one of the biggest marketplaces online where you can find products to promote.  Many people struggle to make any money with ClickBank. However, you can now dominate ClickBank with CBProAds.

So what can CBProdAds do for you?

Have a quick look at the video which explains. It is less than 2 minutes long.


Do you have your own website?

If you have your own website, this is what CBProAds can do for you:

So you place some adds on your website or blog and when someone makes a purchase by clicking on one of your links, you will earn commissions directly with ClickBank. It couldn’t be any simpler than that.

Don’t have a website?

No problem! CBProAds will provide you with your own affiliate storefront hosted for you.

Here is an example of the storefront you will receive.

Click on the image to open your storefront


It gets even better though…

If you are looking to promote products in one niche only you can certainly do that as well.

So what types niches are currently covered on the niche storefront?

  • Women’s ebooks
  • Weight loss niche
  • Do you want a six pack?
  • Removing acne

and many more…

Here is an example of a niche storefront.


The beauty of both storefronts is that you don’t need a website to promote them. Not everyone has the time or desire to build a website so this is a great option to have.

So if you have very little experience of Internet Marketing this could be the opportunity to kickstart your online career. CBProAds is free to join.








How Can You Exchange Money In Electronic Format?


E-money exchangers list

As an affiliate marketer, you get paid through a variety methods.

What happens when you need to transfer money from one electronic provider to another?

Now this is where you can come unstuck. You may not be able to carry a transaction from Payza to Skrill.

Let’s say that you are an affiliate at Leasedadspace  as an example. Your preferred method of withdrawing money is via Payza. One of your referral buys an advertising package through Bitcoin. You receive the money in your wallet because you signed up for it but want to transfer the money to your Payza account. How do you do this?

Find companies that will perform this service

Well you are going to need to find a company that will exchange your Bitcoins. You can do it yourself if you want.

However my preferred option is

What is bestchange?

Bestchange is a completely free online service that allows you to find companies that will carry out the electronic exchange you are looking for.

So how do you use this service?

Option 1

Your first option is to click on Table (left hand menu). You can then decide what you want to do. So for example, I have $100 in my Paypal account and want to receive Euros in my Perfect money account (in the Get column).

If any electronic currencies are greyed out then that means that the exchange you are looking for is not available at the present time.

Option 2

Click on List (left hand menu) and then decide what your source currency is (Give) and choose your target currency (Get). This is the currency in which you want to receive the money.



Option 3

My preferred method is to look at the left hand menu and click on Popular. On there. you will find the types of electronic money movements that are popular. You would then click on the transaction you want.

The video probably does a better job of explaining this service to you than I could ever do.


Irrespective of which method you prefer, a new page opens up which will show you all the companies that can perform the exchange you require.

In our example, it’s fairly easy as there is only one company that performs this type of transaction: converting PayPal dollars into Euros in a Perfect Money account.

Where there are multiple exchangers such as in the example below, giving up Bitcoin to receive Euros in a Perfect Money account, the companies with the best exchange rates are always listed at the top.

The last step is to choose an exchanger. Just click on the entry that interests you and a new tab will be opened with the website of the electronic money exchanger. Follow the instructions.

I would just like to stress that because this is a live system, the rates can change very quickly.


E-money exchangers list







Make Money By Selling Health Products Online

Are you looking to earn an income online? It could be that you already hold a job but want to earn an additional income. You might be straight out of school and struggling to find work. You might be retired but not ready to give up work just yet. Whatever your circumstances, the internet provides you with an opportunity to fulfil your goals.

One avenue you might look to explore is to make money by selling health products online.

How do you go about earning money online in the health niche?

You should look to join an affiliate network. They are free to join.

I wrote about ClickBank and Amazon, and JVZoo. These are examples of affiliate networks you can join.

On ClickBank and JVZoo, you will find digital information products in the health niche that you can promote.

On ClickBank, you will find dozens of pages dedicated to health (info) products you can promote.

On Amazon, you will find a selection of (physical) health products you can promote.

However, there are specialised affiliate programs for health products. We will cover two of these.


Sellhealth is one that I recommend because it has been around for over 10 years.

Registration is free and you can start immediately sending traffic to the offers you want promote.

You will find products in the following areas:

  • Men’s Health
  • Women’s Health
  • Skin Care
  • Anti-Aging
  • Sexual Health

I strongly suggest that before you start promoting anything you head over to the SellHealth University and just browse though a list of topics covered. Not sure what to promote? No problem, you will get advice on which products you can start promoting.

You will receive commissions ranging from 30-50%


Markethealth is very big and arguably the largest health affiliate network of it’s kind.

You will not be short of products to promote here. There are over 200 offers and rising.

You also not just limited to offers in the English language. I counted about roughly 10 languages here including English.

There are products in a variety of health niches including:

  • Sport Nutrition
  • Weight Loss
  • Nail Care
  • Pet Health and much more

If you do decide to join this affiliate network you will be able to see the best selling offers and then decide how best to proceed.

If you know someone else who could benefit from this information then share this article with them.

Also if you already have experience of working with one or both of  these two affiliate networks, feel free to share your comment below.















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Make money online from the comfort of your home with Clickbank and Amazon

If making money online from the comfort of your home is something that appeals to you, then affiliate marketing is a method many use to earn money online. So where do you turn to start making money online? Many people go to ClickBank and/or Amazon when they are looking to earn money online.

ClickBank and Amazon are similar to JVZoo (a site I wrote about) but have been around for a lot longer. They are affiliate networks.

These are places where product creators and affiliates come together (people who promote other people’s products). So these are excellent places to go to if you are looking to make money online.

So let’s start by looking at ClickBank.

What does ClickBank sell?

ClickBank is massive. Here you will find an unending variety of digital products in all kinds of areas.

Are you interested in promoting digital products in the health & fitness niche? Do you want to promote products in the cooking niche?  Is your target audience parents & families? ClickBank sells digital products in lots of different niches.

As I said already ClickBank is very big. It currently has around 200 million customers! 200 million customers in 190 countries. That is absolutely mind blogging! Can you see how there is a space for you here as an affiliate marketer?

How do you get started with ClickBank?

Getting started with ClickBank is absolutely free.

How do you find products to promote?

Once you have signed up to ClickBank, on your main menu click on Marketplace.

There you will find the different categories of digital products you can start promoting.


If you want to find out more information on the marketplace to the  right of your menu is a box with the heading How To Find Products to Promote.

You need to click on click here to get more information as below.

Another solution is to head over to CBEngine which is an analytics tool designed to help you to be successful on ClickBank.

If you are hesitant and have no idea what you should promote on ClickBank then you can bounce off the ideas you will get from this site.

What happens if you are completely new to Internet Marketing and want to promote ClickBank?

If you are still within the Marketplace at ClickBank underneath the first box is another that reads New To Affiliate Marketing?

What will you learn in this section?

  • The basics of being a ClickBank affiliate
  • How to promote ClickBanks products

An innovative way to promote ClickBank products

To be honest, you don’t have to build a website (although it makes sense to do that) to promote ClickBank products.

As a newbie, you can create an account at CBProAds and you will get your own ClickBank storefront. The site will be hosted for you free. The product links contain your ClickBank ID. If any sales are made then the commission goes to your ClickBank account.

If ClickBank is a site where many people start off when they want to make money online then Amazon is another site to consider.

What is Amazon?

Amazon is one of the most successful affiliate programs boasting over 1 million products and 900000 members. So it even bigger than ClickBank.

Whereas on ClickBank you’ll find digital (info) products, on the Amazon platform you will physical products.

Are you looking to promote to dog owners?

You can send them directly to Amazon like this to search for dog food supplies: Dog Food

Looking for DVDs to promote such as this one? You can link to a specific DVD such as the one below.

At Amazon, your customers will find products to suit their needs.

They can actually search for products directly from your website. You can provide them with a search box such as this one.  So let’s say your site visitor wants to find out how to make money online. They would type it into the search box and find results which will lead them to Amazon. Cool huh?

What is the cost involved in signing up to Amazon?

There is no cost involved. It is free to sign up. Make sure to sign up using the link for your own country.

How do people promote Amazon products?

Many people do product reviews where they link to products on their website.

Why is the Amazon platform so attractive?

Someone could come to your site reading one of your reviews. However, they might go on to purchase another product from Amazon. You will still earn commission if they buy another product from Amazon.

Why do people go to ClickBank or Amazon as beginners?

The reason is it is relatively easy to sign up as an affiliate and start promoting products from both ClickBank and Amazon.

There is absolutely no reason why you can’t promote products from both platforms. In fact many people do this successfully.

Both affiliate networks have a reputation for paying their affiliates and paying them on time.

My personal recommendation

If you are looking to start out with any of these affiliate networks but have limited internet marketing knowledge, just go to my resources page to find an appropriate course to get you started.

It is always a good idea to have a general knowledge of affiliate marketing (in my view) before you get started.

From the resources page you will also find a link to create your own website (free to start).

Are ClickBank and Amazon the only affiliate networks you can join?

The answer is simple: no. There are several other affiliate networks you can join some being specific to some niches.

Build Your Primary Business With Instant Cash Flow Funnel

Advertising is at the heart of what we do as Internet Marketers. We need to ensure that we advertise our business opportunities constantly. Giving away free advertising was the subject of an article I wrote recently. This article continues on that theme. Now you can build your business with Instant Cash Flow Funnel.

What is Instant Cash Flow Funnel?

Instant Cash Flow Funnel is a marketing system that allows you to promote several online businesses all at once.

However, you are also able to promote a business of your choice within this marketing system completely free.

Is there a cost associated to joining Instant Cash Flow Funnel?

It is completely free to join Instant Cash Flow Funnel.

What businesses are included in the funnel?

There are 10 different business opportunities in this free marketing system.

———-> Check Them Out Here <————

Before joining Instant Cash Flow Funnel I was already involved with 3 or 4 of these programs.

Cash In On Banners

Banner advertising is very effective. I have had sign ups from banner ads before.

I was already a member at Cash In On Banners. So joining Instant Cash Flow Funnel made sense as it is an easy way to promote a program I am already using.

My Instant List Builder

This is a program that I had already joined and have already had great success in promoting it.

The reality is internet marketers are aware of the value of list building but many haven’t actually tried it and are missing out on additional income.

On My Instant List Builder, you will be able to advertise your business opportunities free.



Again this is another advertising portal that I was already using.

As a matter of fact, I am a Founding Member at PSClickPower. It is free to join and you can advertise your links free.

What are you offering fellow internet marketers when you join Instant Cash Flow Funnel?

By promoting Instant Cash Flow Funnel you are giving other internet marketers the opportunity to tap into other traffic sources which is great for their business opportunity.

The beauty of this system is that rather than promoting 1 advertising platform, you will promote several traffic sources with just the 1 link.

However, you have the ability to promote your own business opportunity as well.

So how do you set up your free funnel system?

If you wish to try this system risk free all you have to do is follow the instructions.

You will then be taken to this page.

You need to register for each program individually. Just click on register now for each program.

I suggest that you take a note of your sign up information in each program. You are going to need this going forward.

Once you have signed up for each program, you will need to return to your registration page at Instant Cash Flow Funnel.

After clicking the link above, you will be taken to a new page where you will be required to provide key information to set up your free funnel system.

Just enter the required information for each program.

When you are finished then click on complete sign up to create your free marketing funnel.

What happens if you are already a member at one of these programs?

There is no reason why you can’t join the funnel system. Just add your details in the box when you are in the process of creating your funnel.

Do you have to join every single program in the funnel?

You are under no obligation to do so. However, having multiple income streams is very valuable for you going forward.

What I dislike about the Instant Cash Flow Funnel system

  • Like with a lot of downline builders or funnel systems, you have no say over what programs you can promote except for one.
  • Although 2 or 3 programs are 100% free to join, to gain any value you need to upgrade. For example, the Trafficwave autoresponder is only free for 30 thirty days. In truth, if there is a program within the funnel system you don’t wish to join don’t join it. It just means that the signups in that program will be passed onto your sponsor, myself in this case.


What I like about Instant Cash Flow Funnel

  • It is very easy to set up
  • It allows you to create a simple business which provides a valuable service to Internet Marketers
  • If you follow the steps correctly, you will have 55 professional follow up messages already written for you and will automatically send messages to your prospects over a period of 155 days.
  • You have a lot of promotional material to get your business off the ground: remember to look out for your welcome email which gives you log in details to your member’s area

Having expressed my dissatisfaction at some aspects of this marketing funnel does that mean that overall I don’t like it?

Not at all. I highly recommend this as a business opportunity to get involved with.

Let’s just remind ourselves that as internet marketers we need to keep our business opportunities at the forefront of our audiences. So the products or services provided by this marketing funnel are very valuable. In addition, you get 1 slot to advertise your own business opportunity.

If you know someone who can benefit from this free funnel, feel free to share this article with them.

Have you had any experience in promoting this funnel system? Feel free to share your experience here.

Join free now





Earn Money Online Giving Away Free Advertising Packages

Affiliate marketing is a simple method  you can use to earn money online in 2018. There are people earning money today by giving away free advertising packages.

The easiest thing you can do is sign up for an affiliate offer. However, the question is: how do you drive traffic to your affiliate promotion?

Internet Marketers realise that they need to get their offers in front of an audience.  So offering free advertising packages can earn you money online.

Now I know that the solution I am offering for making money online might not be the glamorous opportunity you were looking for but from the research I am doing online I believe that this is an income stream not to be dismissed.

Where are you likely to find internet marketers promoting their offers?

  • Traffic Exchanges
  • Social Networks
  • Safelists or Viral ListBuilders
  • Forums

If you do your research in the different places mentioned above, you will find income opportunities that quite frankly don’t require expert knowledge to get started.

Serious entrepreneurs know that traffic is essential to making money. So they will be prepared to spend money on advertising to get their offers in front of people.

I will now provide you with examples of sites that offer free advertising for Internet Marketers, affiliate marketers etc. You will earn commission from these sites when your referral buys advertising.



FreeAdvertisingForYou is a site dedicated to advertising. It is a great place to start if you are involved in the Make Money Online niche.

When an internet marketer signs up, they automatically receive 50,000 bonus credits.

I am sure you can see the appeal of joining this site for an internet marketer looking for free traffic or traffic on a low budget.

There are FOUR levels of membership:

  • Free = $0
  • Pro = $0 (you can become Pro in four days just by using the site)
  • Gold = $47
  • Diamond = $97
  • VIP = $197

So if a member chooses to pay for a higher level of membership you get commission.

You can register here for free and start promoting this site immediately with zero experience.


Sizzling Safelist Mailer


This is a brand new advertising site where members agree to receive emails from which they earn credits. The credits they earn then allow them to promote their own offers via email.

Here is the offer to Internet marketers who are looking for traffic.

When someone registers with this site, they automatically receive the following benefits:

  • 5,000 Credits,
  • 5 Solo Ads,
  • 5 HP Solos,
  • 5 Banners,
  • 5 Button Ads, and
  • 5 Text Links

So without having to read a single email, they have 5,000 credits to start emailing their offers to other members.

At the time of writing Sizzling Safelist Mailer are giving away 2,500 FREE silver upgrades. What does this entail?

The FIRST 2,500 Members receive a SPECIAL PROMO CODE that will give them:

  • an additional 10,000 Credits,
  • 10 Solo Ads,
  • 10 HP Solos,
  • 10 Button Ads, and
  • 10 Text Links!

All this on top of benefits they automatically receive.

What are the benefits of a life silver upgrade?

Silver members are entitled to send one email a day.

They receive an additional 10,000 Monthly Credits automatically added to their account each month on the “Anniversary Date” of joining Sizzling Safelist Mailer.

Just use Promo Code: 2500FreeSilverUpgrades

Can you see why joining this site would be appealing to an internet marketer?

You can join this site free and start sharing your affiliate link.




Adchiever is a viral list builder. You advertise here by emailing other members. You earn the right to email other members by reading ads. Members who pay for their membership automatically earn and therefore do not need to read other member emails. If an advertiser chooses to upgrade their membership then you get paid.

These types of sites are very popular with Internet marketers and interestingly they are known to yield results.

When someone joins Adchiever and chooses to upgrade, you can earn up to 50% recurring commissions.

You can join Adchiever today and start promoting your affiliate link:




This is a social network for Internet marketers.

IBOToolbox has free tools to help online entrepreneurs grow their business.

Boasting over 100,000 members and receiving over 300,000 visitors daily, online entrepreneurs can advertise on this site.

IBOToolbox have an affiliate program.

IBOToolbox is an advertising portal. Although the tools are free to use and you can earn advertising credits free, the savvy internet marketer will most likely be prepared to pay for advertising. If you refer someone to this site who buys advertising, you get paid.


You can join this site free and start promoting your affiliate link immediately.


Have you had any experience promoting these types of opportunities? If so, let me know how you got on.

Do you know someone who will benefit from this article? Then feel free to share it with them.






Learn How To Make Money Online With JVZoo

Earning money from home is a choice that more and more people want to have. The challenge many people face is knowing how to start making money from home.

Affiliate marketing is a great place for complete beginners to get started. It is possible for you to learn how to earn money online with affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

Don’t know what it is? Let me briefly explain affiliate marketing to you.

From your perspective, affiliate marketing means that you find a company and promote its products. When a sale is made you get paid! No stock to handle. No products to deliver.

However, affiliate marketing can also be from your perspective as a product creator. You might have a great product but maybe you lack the skills needed to sell the product yourself.

There is a reason why I am including product creators and that’s because affiliate marketing is a two way process.

Make money on autopilot 24/7

You can make money online on autopilot and that is why the affiliate model appeals to so many.

With affiliate marketing, you could be making money whilst lying in bed, while you are out on the beach etc.

You can earn money as an affiliate once you have identified a product and have put in place a system that allows you to promote the product.

As a vendor, if you have an army of affiliates selling your product then both you as a vendor and your affiliates are happy.

There are literally 1,000s of products you can promote.

The second challenge you face though is knowing where to find those products.

The same also applies to you if you are a product creator. How do you find affiliates to promote your product?

The answer to both questions is: finding a reputable affiliate network to partner with.

Which affiliate network should you choose?

One the affiliate networks making waves in the industry is JVZoo.


Have you ever been to market in Spain or somewhere in Africa?

A marketplace is a very interesting place. You go to a market to buy goods if you are a consumer. But you might have a physical product or a food item or clothing to sell to customers. So you have two groups of people going to a market with different goals. Why am I talking about markets here?


JVZoo is a marketplace that connects sellers to buyers. Or using the language we have used so far, if you are a product creator (seller) then you will be known as a vendor. Whereas if you are looking for a product to promote, you will be known as an affiliate. You as the affiliate are the go between the seller and the buyer.

By putting a buyer in contact with a seller, should the buyer purchase a product from the seller then you earn a commission.

How much will it cost to join JVZoo?

Whether you are joining JVZoo as a vendor or an affiliate or both there is zero cost to yourself. It is completely free to join the JVZoo network. You can check it out here

What are the benefits of joining as an affiliate?

  • It won’t cost you anything to promote JVZoo’s products.
  • You will have a wide array of products to choose from.
  • You can promote digital products in areas such as health/fitness, sports, spirituality, travel etc.
  • Each time you make a sale, you will receive an email to let you know.
  • You don’t need to worry about customer support, that is a matter for the vendor to address.
  • Depending on the product, you could be earning instant commissions.
  • You can see in real time, how you are progressing with your sales.


Are there any benefits to you in joining as a vendor?

Here are just some of the benefits of joining as a vendor:

  • As soon as you list a product, you can immediately recruit affiliates to promote the product on your behalf.
  • You are able to add customers to your list immediately when they buy a product from you.
  • You can quickly create sales funnels.
  • Lifetime cookies means your affiliates will get commissions from your repeatedly.

Now I am not going to tell you absolutely everything there is to know. It obviously will take a lot of time.

You can learn through trial and error or you can learn how to earn money with JVZoo from the experts themselves.

JVZoo Academy

JVZoo have approved the setting up of the JVZoo Academy to help people like yourself.

You can sign up to a free training video series sent to you by email.  Look out for the special gift you’ll receive.


The emails and videos you will receive are designed to help you understand the JVZoo platform and decide whether you want to promote its products or whether you want to be a vendor there.

So you can call it a free affiliate marketing training program. It really is affiliate marketing for beginners.

In my opinion this training is not suitable for the intermediate or experienced affiliate marketer. The email series did not teach me anything that I didn’t already know. But is certainly useful for a complete beginner.

If you wish to learn more about what is on offer at the JVZoo Academy then click on the image below:


To conclude this article, if you are looking for a product to promote or if you are looking  for affiliates to promote your product then JVZoo is an affiliate network you should consider joining.



How To Earn An Income Online While You Learn In 2018



It is a new year and perhaps you are looking to earn an income online.

You have landed on this page because you probably have no idea how to get started.

However, you are looking for a way to earn income while you learn in 2018.

Is it really possible to earn money online while learning?

Absolutely yes! Affiliate marketing gives internet marketing newbies the ability to make money online with limited experience.

Not too sure what affiliate marketing is? Then check out this short article.

So very quickly then your job as an affiliate marketer is to promote a product and earn money when a sale is made.

You don’t need to worry about customer service or product delivery.

Let me tell you this: affiliate marketing is massive business. So even in 2018, there is a space for you in the affiliate marketing scene.

Did you know that last year alone affiliate marketing accounted for over $3 billion in sales?

Find A Product And Away You Go

Once you have a product you want to promote, you are in business. When you make a sale, you earn a commission. Provided you have the right systems in place, it is possible to generate sales 24/7. That is what is particularly exciting about the affiliate marketing model.

You go to sleep and wake up the following morning. You reach out for your laptop to check your emails and boom: you have made sales!

But there is more….

The Power of Residual Income

What I love about making money online is the ability to earn residual (or recurring) income. It is also known as passive income.

In the traditional model of work, you get paid when you go to work. No work will generally lead to no pay. That is what is known as linear income.

Residual income on the other hand rewards you again and again for something that you probably have only done once before.

Musicians are an example of professionals who earn royalties which essentially is residual income. So when a music band’s song is played on radio or TV, provided they have registered with a Royalty Collection Company, they stand to earn money!

Not every affiliate program offers residual income. So you will need to do your research to find out which affiliate program pays residual income as you gain more experience.

So which one do you prefer in the residual income vs linear income debate?

How to earn while you learn online in 2018



If you are looking to earn while you learn, you most definitely can.

Just to be clear, you only really need the following and you are in business:

  • training
  • a product
  • a system
  • support


Too many people start out without any proper training and then give up when they make little or no money.

So invest in your future by getting adequate training that can help you make a real impact.


With no experience, where do you find products to promote?

With proper training, you can learn how to quickly identify products to promote.


How do you promote your product?

Where will your visitors come from?

With great training, you will quickly determine how to set up a system that enables you earn money 24/7.


What happens if you hit a roadblock?

Where will the support come from?

A lack of ongoing support kills businesses.

The Wealthy Affiliate Training Program Teaches You Legit Ways to Make Money Online


There are many places other than Wealthy Affiliate where you can learn how to earn money online.

But I have chosen Wealthy Affiliate for you because quite frankly 1,000,000 students is a staggering number. It is the largest affiliate community that I know of and for good reason.

Wealthy Affiliate provides services and tools that I use myself and I fully endorse it.

Wealthy Affiliate has two training programs:



Whether you have experience of doing business online or not, this is a 10 lesson program you can benefit from.

It is designed for anyone who wants to learn how to create a business online in any niche from scratch.

The course teaches you how to create a website and add content to your website.

However, beyond the Getting Started 10 lesson course, there are another 40 courses. 10 lessons for each level as below:


Sometimes people who join Wealthy Affiliate do the training but hit a road block when it comes to picking a niche. There are literally thousands of niches to consider.

If you are unsure as to what niche to pick then you have another to option.

Bootcamp is designed for those members who want to promote Wealthy Affiliate itself. So if you are struggling to pick a niche as a starting point you may opt to join Affiliate Bootcamp.

Here are lessons included in Level 1 of Affiliate Bootcamp:


And here are the objectives of the course:


If I am honest, I would not recommend this option to an affiliate marketing newbie. It is an incredibly competitive niche. But hey, if you already know that you are going to be struggling for ideas then off you go to Bootcamp!

Your first 10 lessons at Wealthy Affiliate are absolutely free


I know I haven’t touched on this yet. But your first 10 lessons whether in the Online Entrepreneur Certification or Affiliate Bootcamp come completely free.

This is your opportunity to check out the platform and see if it is right for you.

The Wealthy Affiliate Compensation Plan Is Best In Class.

If you remember what I talked about earlier, the residual income model where you do something once but earn money again and again?

The Wealthy Affiliate compensation plan allows you to achieve just that: to earn a repeating income.

So for as long as your referral remains a member, you will get paid again and again, month after month after month.

So exactly how does it work?

You earn money or residual income when you refer others to Wealthy Affiliate.

Even free members earn residual income online at Wealthy Affiliate!

STARTER (Free) Member Commissions are as follows:

Initial $19 offer, Commission = $4

$49/mth, Commission = $11.25 recurring income

$359/year, Commission = $87.50 recurring

Upgraded members (known as Premium members) earn 100% commissions!

Here is a breakdown of commissions for upgraded members:

Initial $19 offer, Commission = $8

$49/mth, Commission = $23.50 recurring income

$359/year, Commission = $175 recurring income

So just to be clear, you refer a member who decides to take up the Premium membership at $19 for a month.

Your commission as a starter member is $4 or $8 as a Premium member.

Here is proof from my Back Office that earning recurring income is possible:

recurring-incomeBut the earnings for Premium members doesn’t end there:

Credits: Referrals Set-up their account = $1

Domain Purchases By Referrals: $1 recurring

What are the credits for?

If a person you refer to the platform for free sets up their account then you earn an initial $1!

What about domain purchases?

If your referral buys a domain, then you make money as well!

So the reality is, even if a referral doesn’t follow through and sign up for the Premium membership, you can still money.

Here is a real life example of my recent credits and domain earnings


Is It Easy To Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate?

It really depends on YOU.

How much time and effort are you willingly to devote to making money online?

Only YOU can answer that question.

But here are the bare facts:

Only 12% (on average) of people you refer to the program will go Premium. That is 1 in 8 referrals.conversation-rate

So your main goal IF you choose to go Premium is to encourage your referral to set up their account.

Even if they don’t go Premium, you earn $1. All those $1 amounts you earn add up.

So this is a win win scenario for both you and your referral. If your referral is serious about their business, a good bio makes them look credible.

Do you fancy an all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas?

Wealthy Affiliate pays out millions in commissions every year. The top affiliates are rewarded every year with an all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas. This year will be no different.

If you show an exceptional aptitude for making referrals then you will get VIP treatment during your Las Vegas stay. Find out more about the trip HERE.

Think this is all a gimmick to make you sign? I suggest you think again.

Here is an article that corroborates my story: CLICK THIS LINK.

Is Wealthy Affiliate For Everyone?

Wealthy Affiliate is for all kinds people.

  • People who already hold a full time job
  • Students
  • People looking to supplement their income
  • People who have an entrepreneurial spirit
  • People who want to learn how build a website
  • People who are already successful online but want a support group of like-minded people
  • Complete internet marketing newbies

Will Wealthy Affiliate Work For Everyone Who Joins?

Joining Wealthy Affiliate does NOT guarantee success.

YOU have to go out there and create your own success.

If you are not prepared to learn how to build a website, and write valuable, engaging content for your audience then this will be the wrong platform for you.

Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich scheme. So the program is not suitable for anyone after a quick fix.

When you join Wealthy Affiliate you are looking to create a sustainable business that will generate an income for you.

My Personal Take On Wealthy Affiliate In 2018

What I really like


Wealthy Affiliate continues to provide me with great, world class training. It is step by step, actionable training.

The training is regularly updated. So since I started the training two years ago, there have been updates.

The webinars are also another source of great training that I enjoy. I don’t have time to look at all of them but because replays are available I can always go in and have a look at webinar sessions.


The support is still there in abundance.

Have you ever joined a program and then found that there was absolutely no support?

You can go to your mentor for help. The Live Chat remains another invaluable avenue for support.

The search box enables you to find answers to problems or challenges you face through member blogs and additional training material.


It is quite appropriate too that Wealthy Affiliate have the ambassadorship program. I think it is a really good idea. It helps people realise that I only make money by solving other people’s problems.

Multiple Income Streams

It is possible to have more than 1 website. Free members are allowed 2 websites and Premium members up to 50 websites. Therefore, you can generate multiple streams of income.

What I hate

There is far more information here than my brain can cope with. I have barely scraped the barrel since joining!

Thinking of joining?

Remember why you are here. You are because you want to make an income online.

There are two routes:

Online Certification (to build a website in any niche) or

Affiliate Bootcamp (to build a website promoting Wealthy Affiliate)

So if you are prepared to follow the training program at Wealthy Affiliate:

1) Create Your Free Account Now. Here is the link:

2) Complete Your Profile by adding an image and telling us who you are

3) Then complete your money goals.

4) Start engaging with the community. Get to speak to real people. It gets your name out there. They might be influencers in your chosen niche. Some members at Wealthy Affiliate are also top affiliates in the affiliate marketing industry.

5) Start following the training that most fits your requirements

6) Take action on what you learn!

My username is amasswealth( meaning acquire knowledge that can transform your life).


Should you decide to sign up for your free account, I have a great bonus for you.

The bonus is applicable if you go ahead and become a Premium member within the first 7 days of joining (this comes with a 59% discount)!

Once you have created your free account at Wealthy Affiliate, you can expect to receive a welcome message from me directly on your profile. I will also provide you with information on how to get started quickly. You will also be able to find out how to claim your free bonus.

P.P.S: Taking the heavily discounted Premium membership within the first 7 days makes sense. It gives you the ability the access the exact same training that I use today.


Feel free to share this article with anyone who you feel can benefit from it.

Also happy to hear your comments below about Wealthy Affiliate.





Get Your Free Affiliate Marketing Training From Affilorama

There are over 2 billion people on the Internet looking to buy things all the time. Out this humongous number, there are 1,000s daily looking for ways to supplement their income by making money online. Complete beginners normally lean towards affiliate marketing.

One of simplest ways to make money online is through affiliate marketing. I wrote a short article a while back on the benefits of affiliate marketing.
With affiliate marketing you don’t need to give up your day job to get started. There is no need to hold stock.
So are you looking for a free affiliate marketintraining program to get you started?

I recommend that if you are brand new to the making money online thing that you get yourself signed up to a course.
There is no doubt that you can go to Google and find out information you need to get started. But the reason for choosing a course is because it literally saves you hours, weeks, perhaps even months of research.

Affilorama is a training portal that will teach you what affiliate marketing is and how it can benefit you. It is a useful training platform if you are looking for a way to earn more money from the comfort of your own home or office.

Affilorama is free to join


If you want to learn about affiliate marketing then you can joining Affilorama free of charge.

What does your free Affilorama membership give you?

You get a lot of useful content starting with researching your market, building a site and creating content etc. That is 120, yes 120 lessons crammed full with really good information.

In the introductory course alone you’ll get to find out among other things:
1) how affiliate marketing operates
2) if you are sold on affiliate marketing, how do you go about finding affiliate offers to promote
3) can you be successful at affiliate marketing without a website?

I did say that there are 120 lessons in the free membership. So what else is covered on this course.

Here are just some of the burning questions answered on this free course:
I want to build a website to promote my affiliate offers. How do I get started?
Should I build a website and then pick an offer? If not, how do I determine which topic I should be talking about?

What product should I promote? Where can I go to find these products?
Once I build my website, how do I go about creating content that people want to read?
I am getting traffic to my website but why am I not getting any conversions?
As I scale and grow my business, should I consider outsourcing my business?

So the free lessons at Affilorama give you a really good all round knowledge of affiliate marketing and what it entails. However, it would be misleading to tell you that you’ll get absolutely everything you need to get your website functioning properly. The free membership does not give you access to web hosting and other important tools your website will need to survive in a competitive environment.

Affilorama has a forum you can dive into for help

I really like the idea of the forum on Affilorama. You can go in there at any time and review the questions and answered posted on any given subject.  Obviously, if you are unable to find an answer to a specific question then go ahead and ask it.


I like the work Affilorama have done in terms of providing the newbie affiliate marketer with the basics of affiliate marketing spanning a variety of topics. The information is provided free of charge so what is there to criticise or moan about?

If you think you can benefit from the training at Affilorama then feel free to sign up for free below.