Nov 17

Get Your Free Affiliate Marketing Training From Affilorama

There are over 2 billion people on the Internet looking to buy things all the time. Out this humongous number, there are 1,000s daily looking for ways to supplement their income by making money online. Complete beginners normally lean towards affiliate marketing.

One of simplest ways to make money online is through affiliate marketing. I wrote a short article a while back on the benefits of affiliate marketing.
With affiliate marketing you don’t need to give up your day job to get started. There is no need to hold stock.
So are you looking for a free affiliate marketintraining program to get you started?

I recommend that if you are brand new to the making money online thing that you get yourself signed up to a course.
There is no doubt that you can go to Google and find out information you need to get started. But the reason for choosing a course is because it literally saves you hours, weeks, perhaps even months of research.

Affilorama is a training portal that will teach you what affiliate marketing is and how it can benefit you. It is a useful training platform if you are looking for a way to earn more money from the comfort of your own home or office.

Affilorama is free to join


If you want to learn about affiliate marketing then you can joining Affilorama free of charge.

What does your free Affilorama membership give you?

You get a lot of useful content starting with researching your market, building a site and creating content etc. That is 120, yes 120 lessons crammed full with really good information.

In the introductory course alone you’ll get to find out among other things:
1) how affiliate marketing operates
2) if you are sold on affiliate marketing, how do you go about finding affiliate offers to promote
3) can you be successful at affiliate marketing without a website?

I did say that there are 120 lessons in the free membership. So what else is covered on this course.

Here are just some of the burning questions answered on this free course:
I want to build a website to promote my affiliate offers. How do I get started?
Should I build a website and then pick an offer? If not, how do I determine which topic I should be talking about?

What product should I promote? Where can I go to find these products?
Once I build my website, how do I go about creating content that people want to read?
I am getting traffic to my website but why am I not getting any conversions?
As I scale and grow my business, should I consider outsourcing my business?

So the free lessons at Affilorama give you a really good all round knowledge of affiliate marketing and what it entails. However, it would be misleading to tell you that you’ll get absolutely everything you need to get your website functioning properly. The free membership does not give you access to web hosting and other important tools your website will need to survive in a competitive environment.

Affilorama has a forum you can dive into for help

I really like the idea of the forum on Affilorama. You can go in there at any time and review the questions and answered posted on any given subject.  Obviously, if you are unable to find an answer to a specific question then go ahead and ask it.


I like the work Affilorama have done in terms of providing the newbie affiliate marketer with the basics of affiliate marketing spanning a variety of topics. The information is provided free of charge so what is there to criticise or moan about?

If you think you can benefit from the training at Affilorama then feel free to sign up for free below.

May 17

Is SFI A Quick, Easy And Free Way To Make Money Online?

Thousands of people worldwide are desperate to make money online.

On my online journey so far, I have noticed that people want a quick, easy, stress-free way of making money online free.

Making money online though is no walk in the park.

I discovered a company many years ago that gives people the opportunity to make money online wherever they might be. The company is called SFI or Strong Future International.


How long has SFI been in business?

The company has been around for 19 years. So we are not talking about a fly by night company here. SFI has quite obviously done something right.

What is the core product?

SFI sells an impressive 90,000 products and counting through TripleClicks. So by joining SFI, you become a store owner at TripleClicks.


The beauty of this system is that SFI takes care of the heavy lifting so to speak. Orders, payments, shipping and the like are dealt with by SFI.

This is why making money online through affiliate marketing is such a popular concept. Your main job as an SFI affiliate will be promoting the business to people who want to make money online quickly and easily. But also by promoting your own TripleClicks store.

Is SFI a quick and easy way to make money online?

From my experience here so far, I would argue that there are easier ways to make money online easily.

Does that mean that people should not join SFI as newbies? No.
If you want to join SFI you are absolutely welcome to do so. But be prepared to work hard and commit to your online business.

Why setting goals are so important

Succeeding at SFI is possible in my opinion. I think that the first step to success before you join any opportunity is to set your goals and keep reminding yourself what they are.

How you make money at SFI

As discussed already there are 2 key ways you’ll make money at SFI:

Sell products at your SFI store

Build a team of affiliates who do the same

Because this a duplicatable business, your focus will be on helping others understand the business as quickly as possible. Once they understand the business model, when they start selling through their own store, guess what happens? YOU will be paid money when they make a sale!

This is what is known as residual income and why the compensation plan is so powerful!

So if an affiliate you sponsor makes a sale today then in a month time and the month after that guess who earns commission? YOU! That is what is known as residual income.

What I have achieved so far

I have been following the training at my own pace.

I have not yet promoted my TripleClicks store but aim to do so shortly.

I have on the other hand conducted a small test by promoting the affiliate side of the business. The results are quite impressive in terms of recruitment considering I have only used one recruitment method so far.

For the last 2 months, 21 people joined the business through my efforts. 13 of those took some kind of action and only 1 of those has gone on to do anything with this business so far.

Does that mean the business model is unworkable?

No, it just means people were curious to see what the business was about and subsequently took no action.

What should I do next if I wish to sign up?

The SFI business model is not for everyone I am afraid. But here is my advice if you really want to give this online opportunity a go:

1) You’ll need to sign up first. Sign up free here.

2) Once you have signed up, you will need to go through the training which is accessed as follows:


From the homepage, Click on Training and then select LaunchPad. Here you will find 11 lessons which are quite in depth. My advice is to follow the training at your own pace. Don’t rush it! It will take you a few weeks to complete the training if not longer. But strive to learn something new every week about the business.

3) I also suggest that as early as possible you visit the Getting Started With Your SFI Business page. There is a lot of useful information there to help you get your SFI business off the ground. You can find it under the Training tab and then select the entry Getting Started.

4) You will want to start promoting the SFI business at some point. You can find your affiliate links by doing the following:
Select Training
Click on Sponsoring Affiliates
Click on Your SFI Gateways

A great way of promoting any business is by having your own website.

Actually, SFI can assist you with the process of owning your own prestigious domain so you can start to promote SFI and TripleClicks.

Check it out here now.

Another solution which I have used is by creating my own website. You can do so HERE.
5) Generating sales to your TripleClicks store is something you will want to start doing if you are serious about earning money at SFI.

Don’t know where to begin? No problem!

Again you need to access the Training section and the first entry is Generating TripleClicks Sales.

You’ll find enough information on there to help you get started.

Press the help button if you are stuck

The reason many people view some online opportunities as scams is due to the lack of support when they join.

SFI do have a Forum where you can ask questions. But before asking questions have a look through the library as your question may already have been answered. Alternatively, you can contact your sponsor. So the point I am making is that you will not be left stranded.

Are you completely new to Internet Marketing?

As I mentioned previously, a lot of people think that making money online is really easy and no effort is required. This could not be further from the truth!
Therefore if you honestly believe you’ll make money without knowledge or a game plan, you are sadly mistaken.
To help you on what will at times be difficult times for you, you’ll need a broader knowledge of how to make money online. So within the training section, an Internet Income course has been put together which is well worth a read. Again just head to the training center and click on Internet Income Course 2.0. I think it is well worth a read.
I have compiled a list of three Internet Marketing courses all free to join that are worth considering if you haven’t already done so.

Check them out here.

They all have video tutorials and provide valuable content to give you a wealth of knowledge on Internet marketing.

So, in conclusion, SFI is no different to any other business opportunity out there. It will work for you if you are prepared to devote time to it. Having said that it is not for everyone.

What I don’t like:

The compensation plan is difficult for a complete newbie (in my opinion) to fully comprehend.
The training seems to be all over the place and can be overwhelming for a complete beginner.
It does appear that you have to build a team to be very successful with this
Not the best way to earn money in the short term

What I do like:

You can earn residual income here

The forum is a useful resource for questions

The affiliate links seem to convert well at attracting people to join


Jan 17

10 ways to earn money online with Swagbucks

Earn Free Gift Cards Online

Earn Free Gift Cards Online

Swagbucks is not new, it has been around for a few years and provides you with a way of earning an income online wherever you are.

I would describe Swagbucks as your personal rewards centre that pays you for doing things you would normally do anyway.

Two questions that you might be asking yourself are:  Can I really earn money online from Swagbucks? And is Swagbucks really worth the effort or is it just another scam?

Swagbucks will not make you a millionaire

I must be upfront with you. If you are looking for a pie in a sky get rich quick scheme, I am sorry to disappoint you. Swagbucks is not what you are looking for.
Shop Online, Get Cash Back And Get Swagbuck Points

One of the reasons people go online these days is to do shopping, why else?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could purchase goods online and get cashback on top of that? I know there are many sites out there offering this kind of service. But  I can assure you that Swagbucks is more than just another cashback site.

Swagbucks allows you to earn cashback for every pound (I am based in the UK) you spend.

There are loads of stores participating in this cashback deal so you will be spoilt for choice.

It Pays To Shop At Swagbucks!

It Pays To Shop At Swagbucks!

Each store operates its own Swagbucks policy. At time of writing this review, for example, if you shop at Hotelopia online, for every £1 you spend, you will earn 10 Swagbuck points and 6% cashback. On the same site, if you shop at Argos, for every pound you spend, you will receive up to 2 Swagbuck points and up to 2% cashback.

If you shop online regularly then you will appreciate the savings you can make in the long run.

Get Paid To Watch Videos 

If you are familiar with services such as You Tube and Netflix (most people are) then you will surely love this feature of Swagbucks!

Swagbucks enable you to earn points for watching videos on a wide range of of topics.

To earn your points, you have to watch a playlist of videos, carefully selected around a theme.  The videos are not long in duration.

You will be earning between one and three Swagbucks. The amount you will earn depends on the number of videos in the playlist. The viewing time ranges from between 5 – 25mns.

It Pays To Answer Surveys 

If you want to earn additional Swagbuck points then you can take part in answering surveys.

I have never been one to spend time participating in online surveys if truth be told but I suppose taking part in the occasional survey doesn’t hurt.

Each survey you begin will generally take on average about 10 – 20 minutes to complete. Also, you will be looking at earning around 75 Swagbucks for every survey.


Now before you go rushing to  complete surveys, I have to inform you that you will not automatically qualify for every survey.

I tried taking a short survey recently. After answering a few questions, alas! I was kicked out of the survey. Nonetheless, I was still credited with one Swagbuck.

I have tried again and successfully completed a number of surveys. So if you are looking to earn Swagbucks, completing surveys is a great way of earning money.

Discover Exclusive Deals And Earn more points

Swagbucks offers you the opportunity of signing up to exclusive deals whilst earning points in the process.

So should you decide to sign up to Swagbucks, explore the website by heading to the Discover section to find out the mouth watering exclusive deals on offer that will earn you points.

Play Games For Points

I have tried to play a free game today as well as yesterday. But sadly, I haven’t been able to.

My understanding is that you don’t earn Swagbuck points for playing free games but by funding your Swagbucks account.

Search The Web And Earn

By far the most popular way of earning points with Swagbucks must be when members perform searches on the web.

Swagbucks has its own search engine powered by Yahoo which does exactly the same thing that either the Google or Yahoo search engines can do.

You won’t automatically earn Swagbuck points every time you perform a search.  However, rest assured that you do earn Swagbucks daily when you perform searches through the Swagbucks search engine.


The secret here is to perform the searches that you intend to carry out rather than searches to earn points.

What is the Swagcode?

Swagcodes are a licence to get even more Swagbuck points. A swagcode is essentially a phrase which is posted by Swagbucks either on its website, twitter, blog or facebook.


Once you find the Swagcode, you head back to the website . When you hover over the SWAG CODE heading at the top of the page, another page appears where you are able to enter the phrase and click on Redeem. And voila! More Swagbucks in the bag my friend. It is as easy as that.

Answer the daily poll

The daily poll gives you an easy opportunity to earn a Swagbuck point every day.

Incentive for meeting your daily goal

Swagbucks are happy to reward your even more, if you are able to reach your daily target. Your daily target is to earn 40 Swagbuck points.

  • If you reach that goal for 7 days, you earn an additional 25 Swagbucks points
  •  If you reach that goal for 14 days, you earn an additional 100 Swagbucks points
  • If you reach that goal for 21 days, you earn an additional 200 Swagbucks points
  • If you reach that goal for 31 days, you earn an additional 300 Swagbucks points

Refer others and earn even more Swagbucks

I did make it clear earlier on that Swagbucks is not a pie in a sky get rich scheme. But you can earn more money from the comfort of your home by referring others to Swagbucks.

You can invite your friends to Swagbucks via email right from the Swagbucks website. Swagbucks have a social media sharing tool which makes it easy to share your links on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

You get 10% of your referral’s earnings for life for as long as they are actively using the site. So the more referrals you have  who are active, the greater the amount of Swagbuck points that you earn  without lifting a finger.


The figures speak for themselves

Swagbucks is a free service that pays and has done consistently for many years.



Final Verdict:

Swagbucks is absolutely not a scam.


  • In my opinion, it is worth your while joining Swagbucks. The company has been around for a number of years.
  • You have numerous ways to earn Swagbucks. I use Swagbucks as my search engine and have regularly earnt Swagbucks.
  • You can refer family members who live in the same household but do read the terms and conditions to see who qualifies.
  • If you meet your daily Swagbuck goal every day for a full month, you stand to earn a whopping 300 Swagbuck points!


  • The videos were very slow in loading for me.
  • Not eligible to complete all surveys
  • Unable to play games so far

Join Swagbucks!
You Can Get Free Gift Cards For Shopping, Searching and Discovering What’s Online at Swagbucks.com

Dec 16

Is The No Brainer Profit System Really A No Brainer?


I came across the The No Brainer Profit System a couple of months ago. And I suppose what drew me to this profit system is the no brainer element.

I guess then like me you must be wondering whether the No Brainer Profit system is really a no brainer.

Andy Luong and Chuck Nguyen are the brains behind the No Brainer Profit System.

The purpose of this system is to create a platform for building a list while earning an income through the system.

The steps required to build a list

In his introductory welcome and training video Andy, goes into detail explaining the steps required to build a list. The video is certainly very useful for anyone new who does not realise the amount of work required just to build a list.


The No Brainer Profit simplifies list building

In the Step 1 video, Andy explains the purpose of the No Brainer profit system.

Having provided an insight into the amount of work required just to build a list, Andy goes on to explain that the focus when joining this system is very simple: to focus on building a list.

The No Brainer Profit system is really a no brainer for an Internet marketer who does not want to build a website yet understands the value of list building.

Why you create an email list in the first place

The whole point of creating that list is to send emails with your affiliate offers and in turn earn yourself commissions. So you can generate sales again and again with that list.

The No Brainer Profit system is more than just a lead capture system

However, the beauty of using the No Brainer Profit System as your email list builder is that you can also generate a commission as well from this very system.

In the step 1 video, Andy outlines how the No Brainer Profit System can earn you a residual income. So promoting the program serves a dual purpose.

How to set up your list building system

Andy then explains in a separate video how to set up the No Brainer Profit lead generation system.


Select a done for you capture page

There are five capture pages available on the website. You just need to select one that appeals to you.


Choose an autoresponder to synch to your capture page

Andy has a video on his website which shows you how to connect an AWEBER autoresponder to your capture page.


I chose to set up my No Brainer Profit system lead generation campaign with GetResponse.

What you choose to do is entirely up to yourself of course.

Why paying $7 for the bronze level makes sense

Don’t get me wrong the free training received was decent but was never going to get me earning an income straight away.

Hence, I chose to upgrade to Bronze Level out of curiosity. Let’s face it, $7 is not a very big outlay by any stretch of imagination. You are backed by a 14 day risk free trial.


Andy in his Bronze Level video shows you how the mechanics of getting the system working at Bronze level and the steps required to unlock the Bronze level tutorial.


What you get with your Bronze level package is 29 short video tutorials on traffic generation.


This is what the training portal looks like:



I firmly believe that anyone who is serious enough about making money online needs to invest money on a course. Doubtless, you can go online and find free sources of information but the reality is at some point you will realise that paying for a course is an investment into your future success that must be made.

Key Benefit of the No Brainer Profit System

Lead generation + Residual Income

What I found useful with the No Brainer Profit System so far:

  • Getting a free lead capture page
  • Learning how to create a lead capture campaign using an autoresponder
  • Short Video Tutorials on traffic generation
  • Very useful and relevant traffic generation ideas
  • A responsive facebook group
  • You are building your list and not someone else’s

What could have worked better:

  • The initial training is not as comprehensive as I would have liked. It could maybe have had more content on the creation of an online business which you can access here for free.
  • The training material should have been made available within the No Brainer Profit System portal. There is a separate training platform for the Bronze level training.
  • The Facebook Group could have been incorporated in the No Brainer Profit. System Portal.

Now I know there are a few negatives here but overall it would be unfair to knock this system altogether.


What are the results so far?

Bearing in mind that I have been using free traffic generation strategies to test drive the system, I have been able to get leads via my autoresponder so the initial signs are encouraging.

Remember, even if you are unable to earn an income directly from the No Brainer Profit System, the leads you get can translate into commissions from your other affiliate offers.

My final verdict

If you are not particularly keen on creating lead capture pages yourself for your affiliate offers then in my opinion the No Brainer Profit System is a no brainer for you. It allows you to devote your time to building a list that will in turn allow you to generate sales.

Don’t forget that the No Brainer Profit System is FREE to join. You can create your FREE account here.

********* The No Brainer Profit System has come to end. If you are still looking for an opportunity to earn money online then have a look at my no.1 recommendation here.  ***************


No Brainer Profit System

Jan 16

Your Free Blog Profits Blueprint 2.0 2016 Report

Are you looking to earn an online income through blogging? Then your free Blog Profits Blueprint 2.0 2016  report is now ready for download.

Who is the Blog Profits Blueprint 2.0 2016 designed for?

It really doesn’t matter who you are. If you own a blog and want to earn an income from it, then this report is just for you.


The Blog Profits Blueprint 2.0 2016 is an 88 page free report in text and audio from Yaro Starak.

What information is contained in Blog Profits Blueprint 2.0 2016?

Building a profitable blog that will earn you an income is a process that includes setting up your blog together with an email list. The email list is set up with the express purpose of selling products. The report provides guidance on key issues such as:

  1. What blog topic to choose
  2. How to create content that attracts visitors
  3. How to keep the traffic flowing to your blog
  4. How to transform your knowledge into an information product that sells on autopilot


Who is Yaro Starak?

Yaro is an experienced blogger boasting over ten years experience. He has made over a million dollars marketing information products in digital format.

So if making money from your blog sounds appealing, then you need this free report today.

You will also receive a series of free training videos from Yaro. The aim of these training videos is to show you precisely how blogs make money.

Enjoy reading this very valuable report.

Your friend,


Founder of Internet Riches Uncovered

P.S. Please download the updated free Blog Profits Blueprint 2.0 report today.

I recommend that you take the time to read the report at least once .

Here is the report: Blog Profits Blueprint 2.0 2016 Free Download

Jan 16

My Wealthy Affiliate Review 2016 – Internet Riches Uncovered

Wealthy Affiliate
Overall Ranking: 98 out of 100
Price: $0 for the Starter Membership (your free account is only seconds away)
Owners: Kyle and Carson

Welcome to my Wealthy Affiliate Review of 2016.

I suspect that you are here because you have heard about Wealthy Affiliate. You are probably asking yourself right now: is Wealthy Affiliate a scam or is legit?

With so many scams out there, you have made a wise choice by investigating the Wealthy Affiliate opportunity further.

Wealthy Affiliate Will Help You Stand Out From The Crowd!

My Wealthy Affiliate review is designed to help you make an informed decision. I am just a normal guy who has used the system and is benefiting from it.

Who Will Benefit By Using Wealthy Affiliate?

If you have landed on this page, it must be because like me you have been looking to earn an income from the comfort of your own home. With a wide array of choice out there, you probably don’t know where to begin. Or it might be that you are an experienced Internet Marketer who wants to propel his business to even greater heights.

Whoever you are, wherever you are in the world, if you are looking to supplement your income, grow your online business or have an ambition to work full time as an online marketer then Wealthy Affiliate is definitely for you.

What Wealthy Affiliate Is Not

Before I begin my review of Wealthy Affiliate, can I allay or dispel any fears you might have.

Rest assured that Wealthy Affiliate is not a get-rich-quick scheme, neither is it a pyramid scheme.  And it most certainly is not a scam.

What is Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate isn’t really a product that you sell online. I would describe it more as a beneficial service that empowers people like you and me to fulfill an ambition of creating an online business. Wealthy Affiliate provides you with a blueprint to achieve online business success.  It is an online business community of Internet Marketers using cutting edge technology coupled with world class training to grow their business.

What makes Wealthy Affiliate unique is the incredible community spirit of fellow network marketers who are ready and willing to help each other.

How Long Has Wealthy Affiliate Been Going?

Wealthy Affiliate was founded in 2005 by Kyle and Carson.

Most companies do not last beyond their first year, never mind a decade! The longevity of Wealthy Affiliate is testament to the fine work these two guys have put in. Incidentally, I came across this article which illustrates how difficult it can be to have staying power in business.

Kyle and Carson are absolutely brilliant because they interact freely within the community.

Here is an example of Kyle in Live Chat.

Amazing Kyle in action on Live Chat

Amazing Kyle in action on Live Chat

Here is another example of Kyle and Carson interacting with a new member who I invited to join:

Kyle and Carson - Founders and Members of Wealthy Affiliate

Cost To Join Wealthy Affiliate

The Starter Membership is completely FREE to join.

That’s right, you can join Wealthy Affiliate right now at zero cost to yourself! You have absolutely nothing to lose so what are you waiting for?

Joining Wealthy Affiliate FREE makes complete sense because it will allow  you to check out the site. You can see for yourself what is on offer there. It puts you in the driving seat to decide whether Wealthy Affiliate is right for you. And you can remain a free member for life!

In addition to the Starter Membership, Wealthy Affiliate offers a Premium Membership. The Premium Membership costs $47 a month or $359  a year.

At this stage, you might still be wondering to yourself what the fuss is about and whether there is any real point in joining Wealthy Affiliate. So what does each level of membership offer you?

A Closer Look At What Is On Offer

 Starter Membership
As a free member at Wealthy Affiliate you will get the following:
  • Access to 500 training modules
  • 3 classrooms
  • 30 keyword searches a month
  • 2 free websites and free state of art hosting
  • In your first seven days, Kyle and Carson will be on hand to provide you with any support you require
  • Online Entrepreneur Certification Level 1 (10 lessons)

All members, including free members automatically have access to this training program as part of their membership.

Here is a list of what is included in this excellent course:
This is a fantastic foundation course that will set you apart from the chasing pack! Sign up now, it is free.

This is a fantastic foundation course that will set you apart from the chasing pack! Sign up now, it is free.

 As you can see from the course content, this is a brilliant training program that will help you achieve the following:
  1. Find a niche
  2. Build  a website
  3. Learn how to create content
  4. Prepare your website so it gets indexed by Google.
 So let me ask you, what are you passionate about?  Would you like to turn that passion into a profitable business which earns you an income? If the answer is Yes, then read on to find out more about how you can benefit by joining Wealthy Affiliate.
Now that we have talked about the Starter Membership and its benefits, let’s take a closer look at what the premium membership has to offer.

Premium Membership

If you are truly serious about taking your business to the next level, then the Premium Membership is for you!

Here are some of the benefits on offer:

Online Entrepreneur Certification Courses

There are five levels in total with each level consisting of 10 courses.  Yes, that is 50 lessons crammed full of information that will turn you into an expert Internet Marketer:

  • Online Entrepreneur Certification – Level 1
  • Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website – Level 2
  • Making Money – Level 3
  • Mastering Social Engagement – Level 4
  • The Business of Content – Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation – Level 5

If you were worried that this training program is only about creating websites, then have no fear. After all, you are here because you want to earn an income right? The level 3 certification program is all about making money with your websites, yes 10 courses on how to monetize your website!

The Level 3 Course at Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to make money with your website

It’s all well and good me telling you that the courses you get are fantastic. What do fellow members of  Wealthy Affiliate think?

Here is evidence to support my opinion that these courses are very valuable:

Member Review

Member review 2

This is just a sample of some great course reviews by other members at Wealthy Affiliate.

As if this training isn’t sufficient, as a Premium Member you will also have access to:

13 Classrooms

Each classroom covers over 100 training modules.  The topics covered include:

  1. Pay Per Click
  2. Google Adsense
  3. WordPress
  4. Keywords
  5. Writing Content
  6. Search Engine Optimization
  7. Video Marketing

This is not by any means an exhaustive list. It does however give you a very good idea of what the classrooms cover.

An Example Of A Classroom

Live Video Classes

Every week, there are live video classes covering many intriguing topics. Not everyone will have the time to tune in to these. What I particularly like is the ability to watch replays of the Live Video Classes.

Live Video Replay

So Premium members really do get a comprehensive and ongoing training program that will make them stand out from the crowd.


Wealthy Affiliate is a global online community of network marketers. For me, what truly makes Wealthy Affiliate unique is the community spirit.

So far, I have personally established connections with members from the following countries: Serbia, France, Bulgaria, Romania, Cameroon, Hawaii, US, Canada, Poland, Finland, Malaysia, Indonesia, Italy, Germany. I believe that Wealthy Affiliate have members in over 190 countries across the world. There are new members joining all the time.

At Wealthy Affiliate, you will get help from the numerous industry experts and millionaires who are ready and willing to assist you.

Ask questions

You can ask unlimited questions as a Premium Member. So if you have a question, don’t be afraid to ask it.

Live Chat

Live Chat is a great tool to have as a Premium Member. It allows you to interact in real-time with other members at Wealthy Affiliate and get the help you need.

Other benefits of Premium Membership:

  • Private messaging
  • Better security for your website
  • Back up for your website is automatic
  • Website support happens 24/7
  • Unlimited keyword searches
  • Unlimited websites
  • 3000+ templates for your website

Does the training at Wealthy Affiliate work?

My own experience shows that if you are prepared to put in the hard work at Wealthy Affiliate you will reap the rewards.

Here is a blog post I wrote entitled: Wealthy Affiliate Training Works. It  highlights how the training has personally helped me so far.

Enough about me, are there any success stories out there?

Wealthy Affiliate success stories

You will be pleased to hear that if you enrol with Wealthy Affiliate you will regularly read other members success stories.

Great Training And Action Are A Recipe For Success!


Here is an example of a Wealthy Affiliate success story:

A member story


Here is another Wealthy Affiliate member story of success:

A Member Story2


Start your Premium Membership training today  and create your own Wealthy Affiliate success stories!

There are plenty of other success stories at Wealthy Affiliate as well as testimonials you can read at your leisure.

Is there a downside to joining Wealthy Affiliate?

Although the experience will be mostly positive, there are three things to watch out for:

Information Overload

There is so much information at Wealthy Affiliate that it can prove overwhelming for a beginner.

Social Networking

Live Chat whilst a fantastic tool can be your achilles heel! You could find yourself sidetracked by spending too much time on there.

Running Before You Can Walk

Because there is so much information, there will invariably be a temptation to learn everything too quickly or to dive in to Live Chat and ask questions on issues that are discussed in later modules. This is a waste of your time and will likely not lead to real success.

FINAL VERDICT: Absolutely not a scam!

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Oct 15

How To Create Your Own Website Online The Fast And Easy Way

I don’t know about you, but the one question that popped up in my head several years ago was: how do you create your own website online the fast and easy way?

I had always wanted to possess a piece of the Internet by creating my own website either as a hobby or for business.

In answer to the question: how do you create your own website online quickly and with mininum fuss, I was looking to build a website without needing to worry about the technical side too much eg programming.

My story is not unique. Many people are looking to create their own website online the fast and easy way but struggle to find the right website builder for their needs.

Key steps in website creation

Worrying about how you create your own website is one thing but I often wondered: how do you get people to view your website?

A website is quite simply a place online where people can go and look at a collection of pages that you have created which could include images and videos.

To be able to create your own website online, you need three key elements:

  1. A website builder
  2. A domain name
  3. Web Hosting

Before you even begin creating your own website, you need to find a name that best describes your site. The name you choose must be available. Creating a beautiful website with a memorable name is not the end of the matter though.

You need to find a web hosting company for your website that will enable you to show off your newly created website to the rest of the world! You want your web hosting company to provide a quick connection to your website and maintain your website for you.

Your search for the right website builder has just come to an end! Introducing the Siterubix website builder!

Siterubix – A powerful website builder

The Siterubix website builder allows you to create your own website the fast and easy way. How is it possible?

  • You can create two websites free with literally a few clicks of your mouse!
  • The Siterubix website builder works with WordPress. WordPress is very popular for building websites and is simple to use for content creation.
  • There are over 1,400 themes and a plethora of plugins to choose from. So when you finish building your website, it will be your own. It will not be an exact replica of someone else’s website!

Want proof that creating a website is simple?

Here is a short training video that proves how powerful the Siterubix website builder is but also how easy it is to create a website!

As you can see, the Siterubix website builder allows you to create your own website the fast and easy way.

Build your FREE Siterubix website NOW!

Best of all, you will be provided with additional training to help you build your new website.

Feel free to send me any questions or comments you might have. I will be delighted to assist you.

To your success,