Earn Money Online Giving Away Free Advertising Packages

Affiliate marketing is a simple method  you can use to earn money online in 2018. There are people earning money today by giving away free advertising packages.

The easiest thing you can do is sign up for an affiliate offer. However, the question is: how do you drive traffic to your affiliate promotion?

Internet Marketers realise that they need to get their offers in front of an audience.  So offering free advertising packages can earn you money online.

Now I know that the solution I am offering for making money online might not be the glamorous opportunity you were looking for but from the research I am doing online I believe that this is an income stream not to be dismissed.

Where are you likely to find internet marketers promoting their offers?

  • Traffic Exchanges
  • Social Networks
  • Safelists or Viral ListBuilders
  • Forums

If you do your research in the different places mentioned above, you will find income opportunities that quite frankly don’t require expert knowledge to get started.

Serious entrepreneurs know that traffic is essential to making money. So they will be prepared to spend money on advertising to get their offers in front of people.

I will now provide you with examples of sites that offer free advertising for Internet Marketers, affiliate marketers etc. You will earn commission from these sites when your referral buys advertising.



FreeAdvertisingForYou is a site dedicated to advertising. It is a great place to start if you are involved in the Make Money Online niche.

When an internet marketer signs up, they automatically receive 50,000 bonus credits.

I am sure you can see the appeal of joining this site for an internet marketer looking for free traffic or traffic on a low budget.

There are FOUR levels of membership:

  • Free = $0
  • Pro = $0 (you can become Pro in four days just by using the site)
  • Gold = $47
  • Diamond = $97
  • VIP = $197

So if a member chooses to pay for a higher level of membership you get commission.

You can register here for free and start promoting this site immediately with zero experience.


Sizzling Safelist Mailer


This is a brand new advertising site where members agree to receive emails from which they earn credits. The credits they earn then allow them to promote their own offers via email.

Here is the offer to Internet marketers who are looking for traffic.

When someone registers with this site, they automatically receive the following benefits:

  • 5,000 Credits,
  • 5 Solo Ads,
  • 5 HP Solos,
  • 5 Banners,
  • 5 Button Ads, and
  • 5 Text Links

So without having to read a single email, they have 5,000 credits to start emailing their offers to other members.

At the time of writing Sizzling Safelist Mailer are giving away 2,500 FREE silver upgrades. What does this entail?

The FIRST 2,500 Members receive a SPECIAL PROMO CODE that will give them:

  • an additional 10,000 Credits,
  • 10 Solo Ads,
  • 10 HP Solos,
  • 10 Button Ads, and
  • 10 Text Links!

All this on top of benefits they automatically receive.

What are the benefits of a life silver upgrade?

Silver members are entitled to send one email a day.

They receive an additional 10,000 Monthly Credits automatically added to their account each month on the “Anniversary Date” of joining Sizzling Safelist Mailer.

Just use Promo Code: 2500FreeSilverUpgrades

Can you see why joining this site would be appealing to an internet marketer?

You can join this site free and start sharing your affiliate link.




Adchiever is a viral list builder. You advertise here by emailing other members. You earn the right to email other members by reading ads. Members who pay for their membership automatically earn and therefore do not need to read other member emails. If an advertiser chooses to upgrade their membership then you get paid.

These types of sites are very popular with Internet marketers and interestingly they are known to yield results.

When someone joins Adchiever and chooses to upgrade, you can earn up to 50% recurring commissions.

You can join Adchiever today and start promoting your affiliate link:




This is a social network for Internet marketers.

IBOToolbox has free tools to help online entrepreneurs grow their business.

Boasting over 100,000 members and receiving over 300,000 visitors daily, online entrepreneurs can advertise on this site.

IBOToolbox have an affiliate program.

IBOToolbox is an advertising portal. Although the tools are free to use and you can earn advertising credits free, the savvy internet marketer will most likely be prepared to pay for advertising. If you refer someone to this site who buys advertising, you get paid.


You can join this site free and start promoting your affiliate link immediately.


Have you had any experience promoting these types of opportunities? If so, let me know how you got on.

Do you know someone who will benefit from this article? Then feel free to share it with them.






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