Is SFI A Quick, Easy And Free Way To Make Money Online?

Thousands of people worldwide are desperate to make money online.

On my online journey so far, I have noticed that people want a quick, easy, stress-free way of making money online free.

Making money online though is no walk in the park.

I discovered a company many years ago that gives people the opportunity to make money online wherever they might be. The company is called SFI or Strong Future International.


How long has SFI been in business?

The company has been around for 19 years. So we are not talking about a fly by night company here. SFI has quite obviously done something right.

What is the core product?

SFI sells an impressive 90,000 products and counting through TripleClicks. So by joining SFI, you become a store owner at TripleClicks.


The beauty of this system is that SFI takes care of the heavy lifting so to speak. Orders, payments, shipping and the like are dealt with by SFI.

This is why making money online through affiliate marketing is such a popular concept. Your main job as an SFI affiliate will be promoting the business to people who want to make money online quickly and easily. But also by promoting your own TripleClicks store.

Is SFI a quick and easy way to make money online?

From my experience here so far, I would argue that there are easier ways to make money online easily.

Does that mean that people should not join SFI as newbies? No.
If you want to join SFI you are absolutely welcome to do so. But be prepared to work hard and commit to your online business.

Why setting goals are so important

Succeeding at SFI is possible in my opinion. I think that the first step to success before you join any opportunity is to set your goals and keep reminding yourself what they are.

How you make money at SFI

As discussed already there are 2 key ways you’ll make money at SFI:

Sell products at your SFI store

Build a team of affiliates who do the same

Because this a duplicatable business, your focus will be on helping others understand the business as quickly as possible. Once they understand the business model, when they start selling through their own store, guess what happens? YOU will be paid money when they make a sale!

This is what is known as residual income and why the compensation plan is so powerful!

So if an affiliate you sponsor makes a sale today then in a month time and the month after that guess who earns commission? YOU! That is what is known as residual income.

What I have achieved so far

I have been following the training at my own pace.

I have not yet promoted my TripleClicks store but aim to do so shortly.

I have on the other hand conducted a small test by promoting the affiliate side of the business. The results are quite impressive in terms of recruitment considering I have only used one recruitment method so far.

For the last 2 months, 21 people joined the business through my efforts. 13 of those took some kind of action and only 1 of those has gone on to do anything with this business so far.

Does that mean the business model is unworkable?

No, it just means people were curious to see what the business was about and subsequently took no action.

What should I do next if I wish to sign up?

The SFI business model is not for everyone I am afraid. But here is my advice if you really want to give this online opportunity a go:

1) You’ll need to sign up first. Sign up free here.

2) Once you have signed up, you will need to go through the training which is accessed as follows:


From the homepage, Click on Training and then select LaunchPad. Here you will find 11 lessons which are quite in depth. My advice is to follow the training at your own pace. Don’t rush it! It will take you a few weeks to complete the training if not longer. But strive to learn something new every week about the business.

3) I also suggest that as early as possible you visit the Getting Started With Your SFI Business page. There is a lot of useful information there to help you get your SFI business off the ground. You can find it under the Training tab and then select the entry Getting Started.

4) You will want to start promoting the SFI business at some point. You can find your affiliate links by doing the following:
Select Training
Click on Sponsoring Affiliates
Click on Your SFI Gateways

A great way of promoting any business is by having your own website.

Actually, SFI can assist you with the process of owning your own prestigious domain so you can start to promote SFI and TripleClicks.

Check it out here now.

Another solution which I have used is by creating my own website. You can do so HERE.
5) Generating sales to your TripleClicks store is something you will want to start doing if you are serious about earning money at SFI.

Don’t know where to begin? No problem!

Again you need to access the Training section and the first entry is Generating TripleClicks Sales.

You’ll find enough information on there to help you get started.

Press the help button if you are stuck

The reason many people view some online opportunities as scams is due to the lack of support when they join.

SFI do have a Forum where you can ask questions. But before asking questions have a look through the library as your question may already have been answered. Alternatively, you can contact your sponsor. So the point I am making is that you will not be left stranded.

Are you completely new to Internet Marketing?

As I mentioned previously, a lot of people think that making money online is really easy and no effort is required. This could not be further from the truth!
Therefore if you honestly believe you’ll make money without knowledge or a game plan, you are sadly mistaken.
To help you on what will at times be difficult times for you, you’ll need a broader knowledge of how to make money online. So within the training section, an Internet Income course has been put together which is well worth a read. Again just head to the training center and click on Internet Income Course 2.0. I think it is well worth a read.
I have compiled a list of three Internet Marketing courses all free to join that are worth considering if you haven’t already done so.

Check them out here.

They all have video tutorials and provide valuable content to give you a wealth of knowledge on Internet marketing.

So, in conclusion, SFI is no different to any other business opportunity out there. It will work for you if you are prepared to devote time to it. Having said that it is not for everyone.

What I don’t like:

The compensation plan is difficult for a complete newbie (in my opinion) to fully comprehend.
The training seems to be all over the place and can be overwhelming for a complete beginner.
It does appear that you have to build a team to be very successful with this
Not the best way to earn money in the short term

What I do like:

You can earn residual income here

The forum is a useful resource for questions

The affiliate links seem to convert well at attracting people to join


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