Is The No Brainer Profit System Really A No Brainer?


I came across the The No Brainer Profit System a couple of months ago. And I suppose what drew me to this profit system is the no brainer element.

I guess then like me you must be wondering whether the No Brainer Profit system is really a no brainer.

Andy Luong and Chuck Nguyen are the brains behind the No Brainer Profit System.

The purpose of this system is to create a platform for building a list while earning an income through the system.

The steps required to build a list

In his introductory welcome and training video Andy, goes into detail explaining the steps required to build a list. The video is certainly very useful for anyone new who does not realise the amount of work required just to build a list.


The No Brainer Profit simplifies list building

In the Step 1 video, Andy explains the purpose of the No Brainer profit system.

Having provided an insight into the amount of work required just to build a list, Andy goes on to explain that the focus when joining this system is very simple: to focus on building a list.

The No Brainer Profit system is really a no brainer for an Internet marketer who does not want to build a website yet understands the value of list building.

Why you create an email list in the first place

The whole point of creating that list is to send emails with your affiliate offers and in turn earn yourself commissions. So you can generate sales again and again with that list.

The No Brainer Profit system is more than just a lead capture system

However, the beauty of using the No Brainer Profit System as your email list builder is that you can also generate a commission as well from this very system.

In the step 1 video, Andy outlines how the No Brainer Profit System can earn you a residual income. So promoting the program serves a dual purpose.

How to set up your list building system

Andy then explains in a separate video how to set up the No Brainer Profit lead generation system.


Select a done for you capture page

There are five capture pages available on the website. You just need to select one that appeals to you.


Choose an autoresponder to synch to your capture page

Andy has a video on his website which shows you how to connect an AWEBER autoresponder to your capture page.


I chose to set up my No Brainer Profit system lead generation campaign with GetResponse.

What you choose to do is entirely up to yourself of course.

Why paying $7 for the bronze level makes sense

Don’t get me wrong the free training received was decent but was never going to get me earning an income straight away.

Hence, I chose to upgrade to Bronze Level out of curiosity. Let’s face it, $7 is not a very big outlay by any stretch of imagination. You are backed by a 14 day risk free trial.


Andy in his Bronze Level video shows you how the mechanics of getting the system working at Bronze level and the steps required to unlock the Bronze level tutorial.


What you get with your Bronze level package is 29 short video tutorials on traffic generation.


This is what the training portal looks like:



I firmly believe that anyone who is serious enough about making money online needs to invest money on a course. Doubtless, you can go online and find free sources of information but the reality is at some point you will realise that paying for a course is an investment into your future success that must be made.

Key Benefit of the No Brainer Profit System

Lead generation + Residual Income

What I found useful with the No Brainer Profit System so far:

  • Getting a free lead capture page
  • Learning how to create a lead capture campaign using an autoresponder
  • Short Video Tutorials on traffic generation
  • Very useful and relevant traffic generation ideas
  • A responsive facebook group
  • You are building your list and not someone else’s

What could have worked better:

  • The initial training is not as comprehensive as I would have liked. It could maybe have had more content on the creation of an online business which you can access here for free.
  • The training material should have been made available within the No Brainer Profit System portal. There is a separate training platform for the Bronze level training.
  • The Facebook Group could have been incorporated in the No Brainer Profit. System Portal.

Now I know there are a few negatives here but overall it would be unfair to knock this system altogether.


What are the results so far?

Bearing in mind that I have been using free traffic generation strategies to test drive the system, I have been able to get leads via my autoresponder so the initial signs are encouraging.

Remember, even if you are unable to earn an income directly from the No Brainer Profit System, the leads you get can translate into commissions from your other affiliate offers.

My final verdict

If you are not particularly keen on creating lead capture pages yourself for your affiliate offers then in my opinion the No Brainer Profit System is a no brainer for you. It allows you to devote your time to building a list that will in turn allow you to generate sales.

Don’t forget that the No Brainer Profit System is FREE to join. You can create your FREE account here.

********* The No Brainer Profit System has come to end. If you are still looking for an opportunity to earn money online then have a look at my no.1 recommendation here.  ***************


No Brainer Profit System

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