Make money online from the comfort of your home with Clickbank and Amazon

If making money online from the comfort of your home is something that appeals to you, then affiliate marketing is a method many use to earn money online. So where do you turn to start making money online? Many people go to ClickBank and/or Amazon when they are looking to earn money online.

ClickBank and Amazon are similar to JVZoo (a site I wrote about) but have been around for a lot longer. They are affiliate networks.

These are places where product creators and affiliates come together (people who promote other people’s products). So these are excellent places to go to if you are looking to make money online.

So let’s start by looking at ClickBank.

What does ClickBank sell?

ClickBank is massive. Here you will find an unending variety of digital products in all kinds of areas.

Are you interested in promoting digital products in the health & fitness niche? Do you want to promote products in the cooking niche?  Is your target audience parents & families? ClickBank sells digital products in lots of different niches.

As I said already ClickBank is very big. It currently has around 200 million customers! 200 million customers in 190 countries. That is absolutely mind blogging! Can you see how there is a space for you here as an affiliate marketer?

How do you get started with ClickBank?

Getting started with ClickBank is absolutely free.

How do you find products to promote?

Once you have signed up to ClickBank, on your main menu click on Marketplace.

There you will find the different categories of digital products you can start promoting.


If you want to find out more information on the marketplace to the  right of your menu is a box with the heading How To Find Products to Promote.

You need to click on click here to get more information as below.

Another solution is to head over to CBEngine which is an analytics tool designed to help you to be successful on ClickBank.

If you are hesitant and have no idea what you should promote on ClickBank then you can bounce off the ideas you will get from this site.

What happens if you are completely new to Internet Marketing and want to promote ClickBank?

If you are still within the Marketplace at ClickBank underneath the first box is another that reads New To Affiliate Marketing?

What will you learn in this section?

  • The basics of being a ClickBank affiliate
  • How to promote ClickBanks products

An innovative way to promote ClickBank products

To be honest, you don’t have to build a website (although it makes sense to do that) to promote ClickBank products.

As a newbie, you can create an account at CBProAds and you will get your own ClickBank storefront. The site will be hosted for you free. The product links contain your ClickBank ID. If any sales are made then the commission goes to your ClickBank account.

If ClickBank is a site where many people start off when they want to make money online then Amazon is another site to consider.

What is Amazon?

Amazon is one of the most successful affiliate programs boasting over 1 million products and 900000 members. So it even bigger than ClickBank.

Whereas on ClickBank you’ll find digital (info) products, on the Amazon platform you will physical products.

Are you looking to promote to dog owners?

You can send them directly to Amazon like this to search for dog food supplies: Dog Food

Looking for DVDs to promote such as this one? You can link to a specific DVD such as the one below.

At Amazon, your customers will find products to suit their needs.

They can actually search for products directly from your website. You can provide them with a search box such as this one.  So let’s say your site visitor wants to find out how to make money online. They would type it into the search box and find results which will lead them to Amazon. Cool huh?

What is the cost involved in signing up to Amazon?

There is no cost involved. It is free to sign up. Make sure to sign up using the link for your own country.

How do people promote Amazon products?

Many people do product reviews where they link to products on their website.

Why is the Amazon platform so attractive?

Someone could come to your site reading one of your reviews. However, they might go on to purchase another product from Amazon. You will still earn commission if they buy another product from Amazon.

Why do people go to ClickBank or Amazon as beginners?

The reason is it is relatively easy to sign up as an affiliate and start promoting products from both ClickBank and Amazon.

There is absolutely no reason why you can’t promote products from both platforms. In fact many people do this successfully.

Both affiliate networks have a reputation for paying their affiliates and paying them on time.

My personal recommendation

If you are looking to start out with any of these affiliate networks but have limited internet marketing knowledge, just go to my resources page to find an appropriate course to get you started.

It is always a good idea to have a general knowledge of affiliate marketing (in my view) before you get started.

From the resources page you will also find a link to create your own website (free to start).

Are ClickBank and Amazon the only affiliate networks you can join?

The answer is simple: no. There are several other affiliate networks you can join some being specific to some niches.

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