About Me

My name is John, I am 43 years old.

I have two fantastic children. I am just a normal guy. I don’t claim to be an Internet Guru.


And no, I am not here to promote some get rich quick scheme! I am here to help you succeed with your online business.

I currently reside in the United Kingdom. However, I have been privileged enough to live in several other countries during my lifetime. As a result, I have developed a passion for dealing with and helping people.

I have recently ended my association with my local community football (soccer) Club where I was Head Coach of a team of under 11s.

With a greater amount of time on my hands now, I believe the timing is right for me to focus my energies on helping you create a successful business online. I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Must be in the blood! My Dad and brother are very similar to me in that respect.

Trying to carve out an online presence is no mean feat! Most people who try to earn money online usually fail. I have had failures but also successes on my online journey (prior to coaching kids football).

I am not here to promise you instant wealth or promote some get-rich quick scheme. My goal is to be your helper as you begin your journey in setting up a business online. Or, it could be that you already have some exposure to making money online but have hit a brickwall. If this is your situation in life, do not despair! Stick to your goal. Be patient: you have landed on the right page. I will help you if you are serious and want the help.

You owe it to yourself to join Wealthy Affiliate if you are truly serious about creating a successful business online.

I look forward to welcoming you on the other side!

Your helper,








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